February 28, 2011

041 - Pennies For Puppies

Black lab puppy Romero is in sit stay in front of a big black machine in a bank lobby. Romero is wearing his green future dog guide jacket and his long green nylon leash is draped over his back. He has just turned his head slightly to the side, so his eyes are shifted over to his left. The sun is shining in from the entrance doors behind him.
Today, Romero took a trip to the bank to make the first deposit towards his "Pennies For Puppies" fundraiser (that's a coin counting machine behind him). In the past month or so we have collected almost $25 in pennies and small change!

Can you spare any change to help Romero reach his goal?

February 18, 2011

031 - Too Many Choices

Romero, a fast asleep black lab puppy is lying on his side on a wood floor on top of a large stack of different colours of fabric. Behind him there is a purple bin containing even more fabric. Romero is stretched out quite comfortably on his fabric pillow, with his front paws crossed over each other, and his face smooshed against the floor.
Tonight, Romero "helped" my mom and I pick out fabrics for the handmade quilt we will be raffling off and the bookmarks we will be selling soon as fundraisers for Romero's Scholarship.

Check back soon to see the finished products!

February 13, 2011

026 - Pitchers and Catchers Report Today

Ricky Romero and the rest of the Toronto Blue Jays begin spring training this week, but Romero has already been training as a future dog guide for almost a month!

Would you consider supporting Romero's training by donating to our "Pitcher Pledges" fundraiser?