March 26, 2011

067 - Purple Day at the Science Centre

This is a picture of a wall outside the space exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. The wall is white and the following quotation is written in black across the top of the wall - Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science - Edwin Powell Hubble (1889-1953), astronomer. The same quote is written in french below. Below that is a row of five large pictures of celestial objects (stars, planets, etc). Black lab puppy Romero is in a down position on the blue floor against this wall. He is wearing his green future dog guide jacket, a purple bandana, and has a thick purple leash draped over his back.
One of Romero's possible future careers is Seizure Response dog, so today he proudly participated in Purple Day by wearing a purple leash and bandana in support of epilepsy awareness.

March 24, 2011

065 - A Night For Dog Guides

Black lab puppy Romero is sitting in a large open room that looks kinda like a museum exhibit hall. He is wearing his green Future Dog Guide jacket and has a thin red leash draped over his back. Just behind him is a large white cylinder with two models of dogs sitting on top. One appears to be a yellow lab, and the other a Rottweiler. Around the cylinder are plaques with pictures and information about the various types of dog breeds, such as hound, working, etc. Behind this display you can see other posters and displays showing pictures of dogs and wolves.
Romero had fun exploring PawsWay, the location of this year's live auction in support of Dog Guides. 

March 21, 2011

062 - Beaver Group Visit

A blissful black lab puppy Romero is being hugged by two young boys in a school gymnasium. Romero is wearing his green future dog guide jacket. The boy behind Romero is wearing a maroon t-shirt and has his arms wrapped around Romero's neck. His face is cropped out of the picture but you can see his huge smile, completely with newly grown-in front teeth! The other boy is on the right side of the picture at Romero's head. He is wearing a blue plaid shirt and scratching under Romero's chin and chest. He is gazing down lovingly at Romero's face.
Tonight I brought Romero to visit my Beavers group for the first time. It was a great opportunity for the kids to learn about working dogs and for Romero to practice behaving around kids. The meeting went well ... Romero was on his best behaviour and maybe even rubbed off on the boys a bit. I have never seen them as obedient as when we played a game of "Ship To Shore" using dog commands!

March 18, 2011

059 - Lucky Charm

This is a closeup of black lab puppy Romero's head as he is looking over his right shoulder. He has a longish muzzle with a leathery black nose and dark brown eyes that are looking into the camera. His right ear is pulled back as though he is listening to a sound behind him. Around his neck is a new collar, about an inch wide. It is blue and gray with a white pattern that looks like the stitching on a baseball. It also has the word JAYS next to the Blue Jays logo, a profile of a blue jay head. Behind Romero you can see a bookshelf, a brown laundry hamper, and Romero's wire crate.
The Blue Jays have won five of their six (albeit, meaningless as it's still spring training) games since Romero started sporting his Jays collar. Coincidence or canine good luck charm?

March 16, 2011

057 - Signs of Spring?

This is a picture of the shadows of puppy Romero and his handler as they walk down the sidewalk. It is late afternoon, so the shadows are long, stretching across the sidewalk and onto the grass that is just starting to turn green. The person's shadow is on the right side of the picture, slightly ahead of Romero's shadow. Romero's shadow is looking up towards his handler as he trots along beside her. The shadow of the leash hangs gently between the two.
Yesterday on my walk with Romero, I wore a hat and thought a scarf might have been a good idea. Today, the sun was out and I didn't even need a jacket!

March 11, 2011

052 - The Wave

The picture is a close-up of black lab puppy Romero's back. Romero is in a down position on a cream coloured carpet. Romero's fur is black and shiny, and a bit longer than a typical lab. Up between his shoulders, his thick fur curls in small waves. Lower on his back towards his tail, the fur zig-zags in much larger waves along his spine. His long tail is out of focus in this picture, but you can see that it is fairly wavy too, with a little tuft of fur at the tip.
As a sidenote, congratulations to Ricky Romero for being named the Blue Jays' opening day starter, and to the entire Blue Jays team for a big win over the Yankees in today's spring training game!