Quilt Raffle

Tickets on sale now - $2 each or 3 for $5. 

Email dogguideromero@gmail.com to purchase tickets. 
The winning ticket will be drawn on Monday June 27th.
This is a picture of the completed dog guide quilt that is being raffled off. There are six main brightly coloured fabrics in the quilt. A rosy red patterned with small white bones and brown paw prints. An ocean blue covered in tiny, lighter blue paw prints. A sunshine yellow covered in straight rows small, darker yellow dots. A dark green with a leafy pattern. A vibrant orange with a swirly pattern. And finally, a deep purple covered in lighter purple 5-point stars of different sizes. The centre of the quilt is a 3 by 4 rectangle of squares, 2 each of the 6 colours. Around the centre is a thin border of a plain black fabric. Around that is a thick (8 inch or so) border of a beige fabric. This fabric matches the red fabric, with a pattern of white bones and light brown paw prints. Within this beige fabric are six black lab silhouettes - three along the top and three along the bottom. Each represents one of the dog guide programs and has a jacket cut out of one of the six main colours of the quilt. In the top left corner, a canine vision dog wearing a brown harness with a small red harness sign with a single paw print on it. Next is a special skills dog in a blue saddle-bag type harness. In the top right, a seizure response dog in a small yellow jacket covering the rib area. In the bottom left is a foster puppy in a green jacket covering most of its back - this silhouette is smaller than the others, and facing the right whereas the other five are facing left. In the bottom centre in the hearing ear dog, with an orange jacket in the same pattern as the yellow seizure one. Finally, in the bottom right, is the autism assistance dog with the larger purple jacket that covers most of its back. All of the dogs are cut out of a softer, suede-like fabric, and have been appliqued onto the quilt. Around the beige fabric is another thin border of plain black fabric. Finally, there is a border of coloured squares. The four corner squares are plain black, and then along each edge there is one of each of the six coloured squares, and one or two of another black fabric covered in small white pawprints. Around the outside edge of the quilt is a very thin black edging, and the back of the quilt is plain black. The fabric is quilted with invisible thread in diagonal lines going both directions across the quilt.
This one-of-a-kind quilt measures 53.5" by 60" ... perfect for cuddling up on the couch.

The six brightly coloured fabrics represent the foster puppy program (green) and the five dog guide programs - Canine Vision (red), Special Skills (blue), Seizure Response (yellow), Hearing Ear (orange), and Autism Assistance (purple). 

All funds raised from this raffle will go to Dog Guides in support of Future Dog Guide Romero.