June 8, 2011

141 - One Puppy's Trash ...

... could be your treasure! Romero has been helping us with the final preparations for our garage sale this Saturday - stop by if you're in the area. All funds raised will go to Dog Guides Canada in support of Romero.
Black lab Romero is decked out in his green Future Dog Guide jacket and thick red leash, sitting near the front of our open garage. He looks unusually young in this picture, with his head slightly tilted and his wide brown eye staring curiously towards the camera. Behind Romero is a large pile of STUFF stacked on and around a big plastic table. These items have all been sorted and priced for our upcoming garage sale. The pile contains, among other things, a red metal desk chair, a blender and other kitchen supplies, two bags of kids' golf clubs, shoes and boots, a Barbie suitcase, a humidifier, a push lawnmower, boardgames, a small blue bookshelf, and many miscellaneous decorations and office supplies.

June 5, 2011

138 - Outdoor Baseball

On a sunny day, Black lab Romero is lying near the bottom of a grassy hill with a baseball diamond behind him. The baseball game is in progress, and a group of pitchers in blue jerseys can been seen chatting just beyond the short metal fence that surrounds the field. A few spectators are leaning up against the fence watching the game. Romero himself is a very happy baseball fan. He's facing towards the camera, looking slightly down and to the right, with a huge smile on his face and his long front legs stretched out in the grass in front of him. He's wearing his green Future Dog Guide jacket, a blue and grey patterned collar, and a black leather leash.
The Blue Jays were out of town today, so Romero and I headed to a different  ball park in Toronto to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs of the Intercounty Baseball League play a double header.

June 4, 2011

137 - Hand Height

Romero has just reached the perfect height - I can pet him without bending down!
Black lab Romero and I are at the top of a mint-green carpeted staircase. I am standing and Romero is sitting on my left side in the heel position. The photo is taken from my chest level looking down at Romero. His blue and gray patterned collar is clipped to a thick red leash that is slung over my shoulder. My left hand is resting on Romero's head - he's just at that perfect height where I don't have to bend down to reach him. Romero is looking up towards my face. He looks rather comical with his big brown eyes rimmed in white and his helicopter ears sticking out from his head. With the angle of the photo, his front paws look tiny and delicate at the end of his long legs, and they are slightly turned out like a ballerina.

June 2, 2011

135 - Garage Sale Prep

Black lab Romero is lying on the floor of our bedroom in front of a very big cardboard box filled with items for our upcoming garage sale. Only Romero's head and shoulders are visible. He is looking slightly off to the side with his silly left ear folded back against his head. The objects in the box are pretty random, but visible is a chair for a doll, a stack of clothes on top of a blue pillow, and a big white stuffed bunny sitting in a small wastebin decorated with pictures of poodle puppies. Behind Romero and the box are two bookshelves filled with books.
We'll be continuing our fundraising for Romero's "scholarship" with a garage sale this month. Romero and I are looking forward to getting this big box of STUFF out of our room.