January 22, 2011

004 - Snow Puppy

Romero, an eleven week old black lab puppy sits on a layer of fresh, fluffy white snow that is marked with various dog paw prints around him. The picture is taken from above the puppy and he is looking expectantly up into the camera, lifting his right front paw slightly off the ground. Romero is wearing a blue nylon collar and his paws and muzzle are covered in a dusting of snow flakes.


  1. Love this! I've semi-secretly been doing this with Jack since the day I was matched with him back in October, because I'm making a photo-book for his puppy raisers documenting his first year as a guide dog. I've only been sharing my daily photos of him, as a photo project for my blog since January first though. :-)

  2. L^2 - that's so cool!

    I've been hearing a lot of people doing Project365 lately and thought a puppy would make a good photo subject to get me to attempt it, especially since I'll have him for just about a year. :)

    Maybe he'll end up going to a photographer like you who will continue the project.