January 27, 2011

009 - Car Ride

The picture is taking through the open passenger door of a (parked!) small blue car. The interior of the car is black. Romero, a black lab puppy is sitting up in the footwell of the passenger seat. There is a white towel and a blue fleece blanket patterned with dog bones on the floor where Romero is sitting. Romero is wearing a blue collar, red leash, and his green Future Dog Guide jacket. He has big round brown eyes that are staring into the camera as if pleading for a treat.


  1. Cider just had her first real car ride (beyond the driveway) today. :) She sends a high five to Romero!

    (she's 10 weeks now, yikes!)

  2. Romero sends a high five back (or he would if he knew how to do that!)

    Romero's just 12 weeks, born Nov 3. They do grow up way too fast, eh?

  3. are you serious? he actually sits there when you drive? I need your help!!!!!