June 4, 2011

137 - Hand Height

Romero has just reached the perfect height - I can pet him without bending down!
Black lab Romero and I are at the top of a mint-green carpeted staircase. I am standing and Romero is sitting on my left side in the heel position. The photo is taken from my chest level looking down at Romero. His blue and gray patterned collar is clipped to a thick red leash that is slung over my shoulder. My left hand is resting on Romero's head - he's just at that perfect height where I don't have to bend down to reach him. Romero is looking up towards my face. He looks rather comical with his big brown eyes rimmed in white and his helicopter ears sticking out from his head. With the angle of the photo, his front paws look tiny and delicate at the end of his long legs, and they are slightly turned out like a ballerina.

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