June 5, 2011

138 - Outdoor Baseball

On a sunny day, Black lab Romero is lying near the bottom of a grassy hill with a baseball diamond behind him. The baseball game is in progress, and a group of pitchers in blue jerseys can been seen chatting just beyond the short metal fence that surrounds the field. A few spectators are leaning up against the fence watching the game. Romero himself is a very happy baseball fan. He's facing towards the camera, looking slightly down and to the right, with a huge smile on his face and his long front legs stretched out in the grass in front of him. He's wearing his green Future Dog Guide jacket, a blue and grey patterned collar, and a black leather leash.
The Blue Jays were out of town today, so Romero and I headed to a different  ball park in Toronto to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs of the Intercounty Baseball League play a double header.


  1. How fun! We just took our Moxie to a Dodger game and it was a blast.