June 8, 2011

141 - One Puppy's Trash ...

... could be your treasure! Romero has been helping us with the final preparations for our garage sale this Saturday - stop by if you're in the area. All funds raised will go to Dog Guides Canada in support of Romero.
Black lab Romero is decked out in his green Future Dog Guide jacket and thick red leash, sitting near the front of our open garage. He looks unusually young in this picture, with his head slightly tilted and his wide brown eye staring curiously towards the camera. Behind Romero is a large pile of STUFF stacked on and around a big plastic table. These items have all been sorted and priced for our upcoming garage sale. The pile contains, among other things, a red metal desk chair, a blender and other kitchen supplies, two bags of kids' golf clubs, shoes and boots, a Barbie suitcase, a humidifier, a push lawnmower, boardgames, a small blue bookshelf, and many miscellaneous decorations and office supplies.

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