March 12, 2011

053 - Romero's Quilt, Step 1

4 month old black lab Romero is peacefully sleeping under a small wooden coffee table with his head resting on a big green pillow. The table is covered with quilting supplies and the beginning of a dog-themed quilt. Currently, the quilt consists of 12 coloured squares sewn together into a 4 by 3 rectangle. There are two each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple fabric. The red fabric is patterned with white bones and brown paw prints. The orange fabric is sort of mottled, light orange in some places and darker orange in others. The yellow fabric is covered in straight lines of small dots. The green fabric has a very small leaf-like pattern. The blue fabric is covered in small light blue paw prints. The purple fabric is patterned with stars. Around the rectangle, long thin strips of plain black border have been laid out, ready to be sewn on next. One of these strips is hanging of the table and dangling right in front of Romero's face. On the end of the table is a large piece of plain black fabric, and a box of pins resting on top of a pile of more coloured squares.

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