March 13, 2011

054 - Romero's Quilt, Step 2

Black lab puppy Romero is lying at the top left corner of the partially sewn together quilt that is lying on the floor. The centre of the quilt is a rectangle of 4 squares by 3 squares of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple patterned fabric. Around that is a thin border of plain black. Around that is a thick border of cream fabric with white bones and light brown pawprints on it. Around the cream is another thin black border. Laid out around the edge of the outside black border is another row of coloured squares along with a few plain black squares and a few black squares with white paw prints. These squares are not yet sewn together as we were just in the middle of rearranging them to determine the best pattern. Romero is attempting to help out by laying on top of some of the fabric squares!
Raffle tickets will be on sale within the next month!


  1. The quilt looks great so far--I love the bright colors. If you need some good dog silhouettes, you might want to check out

  2. Thanks - and thanks for the tip!