March 19, 2011

060 - Too Many Toys

4 month old black lab puppy Romero is lying in the middle of an upside down round dog bed made of a blue and tan patterned fabric which is on the tiled kitchin floor. Surrounding him is WAY TOO MANY dog toys that were found while we were cleaning behind the couches in the family room. Romero is looking pathetically up at the camera as if he can't decide which toy to chew on. There are five nylabones between his legs, two normal, a wishbone, and two dinosaur. There are about 6 small natural bones lying on the dog bed and spilling onto the floor. There are also six or seven stuffed toys in various states of disrepair. Spoiled puppy!

1 comment:

  1. Rob says to tell you there is No SUCH THING as TOO many toys.