March 27, 2011

068 - Romero's Quilt, Step 3

Black lab puppy is lying down on the floor in a still quite messy sewing room. There are small cushions on the floor on either side of Romero, and a desk chair behind him. The chair is empty, but positioned in front of a sewing machine. Romero's quilt is sitting at the machine as the final touches are being added to the front of the quilt. The quilt has a centre of brightly coloured squares, a black border, a thick cream border, another thin black border, and finally another row of black and coloured squares. The newest addition is several dog silhouettes in the cream area. The only ones that can be seen in this picture are a small black lab puppy in a green (foster puppy) jacket in the bottom left corner, and beside that a larger black lab in an orange (hearing ear) jacket.

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