March 21, 2011

062 - Beaver Group Visit

A blissful black lab puppy Romero is being hugged by two young boys in a school gymnasium. Romero is wearing his green future dog guide jacket. The boy behind Romero is wearing a maroon t-shirt and has his arms wrapped around Romero's neck. His face is cropped out of the picture but you can see his huge smile, completely with newly grown-in front teeth! The other boy is on the right side of the picture at Romero's head. He is wearing a blue plaid shirt and scratching under Romero's chin and chest. He is gazing down lovingly at Romero's face.
Tonight I brought Romero to visit my Beavers group for the first time. It was a great opportunity for the kids to learn about working dogs and for Romero to practice behaving around kids. The meeting went well ... Romero was on his best behaviour and maybe even rubbed off on the boys a bit. I have never seen them as obedient as when we played a game of "Ship To Shore" using dog commands!