March 18, 2011

059 - Lucky Charm

This is a closeup of black lab puppy Romero's head as he is looking over his right shoulder. He has a longish muzzle with a leathery black nose and dark brown eyes that are looking into the camera. His right ear is pulled back as though he is listening to a sound behind him. Around his neck is a new collar, about an inch wide. It is blue and gray with a white pattern that looks like the stitching on a baseball. It also has the word JAYS next to the Blue Jays logo, a profile of a blue jay head. Behind Romero you can see a bookshelf, a brown laundry hamper, and Romero's wire crate.
The Blue Jays have won five of their six (albeit, meaningless as it's still spring training) games since Romero started sporting his Jays collar. Coincidence or canine good luck charm?

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