April 1, 2011

073 - Opening Night

This picture is taken from behind black lab puppy Romero's head as he is sitting on his dog bed in the middle of the living room watching the televsion. The tv is mounted in a white shelving unit in between a maroon chair and a gas fireplace. On the screen, the Toronto Blue Jays are playing their first game of the season, and Ricky Romero is pitching to one of the Minnesota Twins. Romero is looking at the screen and wearing his gray and blue Blue Jays collar.
Congratulations to the Toronto Blue Jays on a great game to start off the 2011 season!!

Romero's namesake, Ricky Romero, picked up his first win and struck out seven batters ... great news for our Pitcher Pledges fundraiser. Would you consider making a pledge or giving a donation to support Romero's training as a dog guide?

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