April 21, 2011

093 - Donation Dog

Romero helped spread the word about Dog Guides at a subway station this afternoon, and got to wear a special "donation dog" vest over his Future Dog Guide jacket.
Black lab puppy Romero is sitting in the middle of a Toronto subway station, looking like a perfect dog guide ambassador! He is decked out in his Blue Jays collar, red leash, and green future dog guide jacket. Over top of his jacket, he is wearing a smaller purple vest. On each side of the vest it says DONATION DOG and there is a plastic pocket to hold donations. There is a blue five dollar bill in the pocket of Romero's jacket. In front of Romero is a red plastic Dog Guides donation bucket. Behind Romero are various pillars (we are on the lower level of the station), a small convenience store, and escalators leading down to the tracks. There is one person wearing a black jacket and light blue backpack heading towards the escalators.
Best comment of the day (from a lady who stopped to take several pictures of Romero) ... "He's going to be the next Prince William!"

I'm not 100% sure of what she meant by that, but I enjoyed the thought of Romero as royalty being chased by paparazzi.


  1. He is a Prince, but we don't want Romero to go bald on top of his head :)

    It was so nice to meet Romero at the subway station. I know I feel in love with him.

  2. Haha - agreed, though he says he wouldn't mind wearing a crown.

    We enjoyed seeing you too. :)