April 2, 2011

074 - Romero's First Baseball Game

Just like yesterday's picture, this is a picture of the back of black lab puppy Romero's head as he watches the baseball game. Only this time - we're AT the stadium. We are sitting in the 18th row of the upper deck, so Romero is looking way down at the field. The railings and seats are all blue, and the stands look to be about half full. The row right in front of Romero is pretty empty, so he has a nice clear view. The field is pretty blurry, but you can see that the Blue Jays are on the field in their black jerseys and white pants.
Our Seat: Section 532, Row 18, Seat 11

Our Record: 1-0!

Memorable Moments:
- Our first game of the year!
- Jose Molina's homerun on his first at bat of the season
- Yunel Escobar's triple
- Jayson Nix's first game and hit (a homerun) as a Blue Jay
- Kyle Drabek's first major league win

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