April 6, 2011

078 - More Pennies For Puppies

5 month old black lab puppy Romero is sitting on an olive green mat at the front door, ready to go out on an errand. He is sitting sideways so that you can see the FUTURE DOG GUIDE written along the side of his green jacket (which is getting a bit small for him). A green leash is attached to his blue collar. He is looking into the camera with a goofy smile on his face - he is holding his left ear out from his head (classic Romero look) and has his pink tongue sticking out just a little. In front of Romero is a small metal jar with a dog silhouette on it (used to be a dog cookie jar, now a coin jar) that has ROMERO'S SCHOLARSHIP written on it.
Romero and I are off to the bank today to deposit another batch of spare change that we have collected for Romero's scholarship.

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