April 13, 2011

085 - Romero's Quilt, Step 4

Romero's quilt is in the final stages - it is now laid out on top of two large fold-out tables. The three layers - black back, white batting, and the completed top of the quilt are held together with tons of safety pins, covering just about every inch of the fabric in preparation for the final quilting. The pattern of the quilt is a centre of 12 colourful squares, surrounded by a thin black border, then a thick border of beige fabric, then another thin black border, then a row of black and coloured squares. Within the beige fabric are 6 black lab silhouettes - one with a brown harness and a red pouch on the handle, four with blue, yellow, orange, and purple jackets, and a smaller puppy silhouette in a green jacket representing a foster puppy. The six colours of the jackets are the same fabrics as the coloured squares in the quilt. Black lab puppy Romero is sitting proudly in front of the tables.

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