April 22, 2011

094 - He Can Sleep Anywhere, Ballpark Edition

Black lab puppy Romero is lying on his side, asleep on the concrete floor of the 500 level stands at the Rogers Centre. He is wearing his green Future Dog Guide jacket, his Blue Jays collar, and a red leash that drapes over his shoulder. His face is completely relaxed, his top ear is flopped over the top of his head, and his front legs are stretched in front of him. Behind Romero's head, you can see the legs of the person in the seat next to him, as well as a fair bit of popcorn kernels and other garbage littering the ground.
Our Seat: Section 522, Row 16, Seat 1

Our Record: 2-1

Memorable Moments:
- My mom and sister joining us for the game
- Sam Fuld = awesome, even though he's not a Jay
- An improved outing for JoJo Reyes (I'm rooting for him)
- Jose Bautista taking two walks when he's a single short of the cycle
- The wave going around Rogers Centre / SkyDome (I know it's silly, but it reminds me of baseball games as a kid)
- Extra innings
- Romero sleeping through all of this
- Chants of "Johnny Mac" as we walked back to the train station

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