April 16, 2011

088 - Family Reunion

5 month old black lab siblings Jazzy and Romero are sitting side by side in the hall at the Dog Guides training facility. Both are wearing their green future dog guide jackets. You can tell they are being bribed with a treat because both are looking upwards, Jazzy has her mouth slightly open in anticipation and Romero's pink tongue is licking his lips. The two dogs have similar features - dark brown eyes, floppy velvet ears, and long slender faces. Romero is just a little taller than Jazzy but she is thicker-set. There are a couple people standing in the hallway around the dogs, and behind them is a black floor mat in front of the open sliding door to the relief area.
Romero (right) met up with his sister, Jazzy, today at the Dog Guides spring open house


  1. I love the tongue from Romero haha ... great pic Sam.

  2. Ya, you can kinda tell that they were being bribed with a treat, eh?!