April 17, 2011

089 - Size 5 Jacket

Black lab puppy Romero is lying down on the mint green carpet in the hall outside my bedroom. Romero's body is facing slightly away from the camera but his head is turned over his right shoulder looking towards me. He is wearing his new, size 5 green puppy jacket. The jacket has Future Dog Guide printed in large font on each side, and on the back it has the dog guides logo and phone number, then more text reading Please ask my handler before you pet me. At the bottom of the jacket, sitting above Romero's hips, is the logo for the Lions Foundation, which sponsored the jacket. Unlike the size 4 jacket, which was looking like a tank top on Romero, this one sits comfortably on him, covering up most of his back ... at least until he grows anymore!
He's a big boy now!

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