April 23, 2011

095 - Dog In The Dome

Black lab puppy Romero is sitting near the bottom of the field level bleachers at the Rogers Centre before the game. He is wearing his green future dog guide jacket and red leash, and is sitting in the middle of an aisle a couple rows us. There are blue seats on either side of him, and behind him a short blue gate that opens onto the field. The green turf field is empty, save for a bat boy sitting beside a bucket of baseballs. The vast stands are almost completely empty too - it is still quite a while before the game is scheduled to start. The dome roof above is closed (it is still April in Canada after all) and the bright stadium lights are reflecting down onto the field.
Our Seat: Section 526, Row 6, Seat 107

Our Record: 2-2

Memorable Moments:
- Being back at the stadium less than 12 hours after leaving last night
- Watching pitchers (including Ricky Romero) warming up before the game
- Hearing one of the pitchers thank their coach for the help
- Sam Fuld = still awesome, though I wish he'd stop scoring against my team
- The (excellent) return of Brandon Morrow
- Two more Bautista home runs!! (and a walk and a single)
- Seeing the cheerleading usher for the first time this season
- Yet again, coming close in the 9th
- No better way to spend a Saturday than at the game with my puppy

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