April 14, 2011

086 - A Few Fundraisers

We continue to slowly work towards our goal of raising $20000 to sponsor Romero's training as a dog guide. Check out the ticker in the right sidebar to keep track of our progress.

Here's an update on some of our new and ongoing fundraisers for Romero's scholarship ...
5 month old black lab puppy Romero is sitting in the corner of my bedroom where the blue wall meets the white door. He's in a typical puppy sit position - with his left hip sticking out the side, and his head just slightly tilted. He is wearing his blue and gray Blue Jays collar and looking towards the camera with a serious expression on his face. Resting against his front legs is a long, thin plaqued poster. The image on the poster is eight six-week-old labrador puppies sitting on a stone step in front of the green grass in our backyard. From left to right is a light chocolate lab in a red bandana, a black lab in a yellow bandana (hanging in front of his chest like a bib), a chocolate lab in a dark green bandana, a smiling black lab in a blue bandana, a black lab in a purple bandana, a chocolate lab in a pink bandana, a black lab wearing a maroon bandana and chewing on her brother's neck, and finally a chocolate lab in a lime green bandana who looks like she's about ready to lie down and go to sleep.
1) In the above picture, Romero is helping to display our newest fundraiser - cute puppy posters! These poster prints of the Dog Guides' 2009 "B" litter are $10 each (please note, poster plaquing not included in this price). Contact us at dogguideromero@gmail.com to purchase posters, or CLICK HERE for more details.

2) We also have some other great items featuring the above picture available at our Cafepress Store.

3) Romero's quilt is now complete! Raffle tickets are on sale from now until June - $2 each or 3 for $5. CLICK HERE for more details and to see the finished quilt, and email us at dogguideromero@gmail.com to purchase tickets!

Of course donations and spare change are always gladly accepted ... every little bit counts.
Thanks for all of your support, and stay-tuned for some upcoming fundraising events!