April 30, 2011

102 - Lazy Saturday Night

Black lab puppy Romero is lying on his big round dog bed in the corner of our living room, closest to the camera. A large TV is mounted in a white shelving unit on the opposite wall behind Romero. The picture is pretty blurry, but I believe the hockey game is playing. There are three couches along the other three walls - a small maroon seat farthest from Romero, and two larger olive green couches on either side of him. There is a small wooden coffee table in the centre of the room. Just behind Romero, you can see Tanner, the visiting collie's head peeking around the edge of the couch. Romero is resting his head on the bed next to his left front leg. He looks sleepy, but his eyes are wide open looking into the camera, and his ears are slightly perked up.

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