May 7, 2011

109 - Gang's (Almost) All Here

Four dogs are lined up in my messy bedroom. From left to right - Dallas, a black lab wearing a red collar is lying with her back half out of the photo, facing slightly away from the camera. She looks rather un-enthusiastic, not thrilled about posing for a picture. Next is 6 month old black lab puppy Romero, catching up to Dallas in size. He is wearing a blue collar, lying in the centre of the photo, facing towards the camera but sort of staring off into space. His big, expressive ears are held forward, framing his face. Third is visiting collie Tanner. His long soft fur is mostly tan and white, with a few black highlights around his eyes and ears. He is lying right against Romero, staring into the camera, and has his mouth open in a smile. Next to Tanner's paw is a black and red rubber ring toy. Last but not least is big yellow lab Baloo, who is standing slightly behind Tanner. Baloo too is looking directly into the camera, but with a curious look on his face. Behind the dogs are Romero's open wire crate and a big carboard box full of stuff for an upcoming garage sale.
With most of our human family away for the weekend, the canine kids are all hanging out together. Missing is camera-shy silky terrier Noel.

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