May 28, 2011

130 - Lucky Pennies

Black lab puppy Romero is lying on the floor of my bedroom at the end of my bed. He is on the left side of the picture, wearing his Blue Jays collar, and looking slightly up and off to the side. His left ear is sticking out of the side, while his right one hangs down beside his head. Next to Romero are 4 jars full of coins. The first is a big white bucket with DONATIONS written across the front. The lid is resting against the bucket. It has a whole cut in the centre, and PENNIES FOR PUPPIES written around it. Next is a big blue Maxwell coffee can. Finally, a big peanut butter jar filled with pennies, and a smaller jam jar filled with silver coins.
A successful penny and bottle drive left us with several jars full of coins. Off to the bank tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who donated, and thanks also to yellow lab Expo who joined me for the event since Romero is still resting up from his surgery (I figured if I couldn't take a dog named after a baseball player I'd take one named after a former baseball team).

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