May 23, 2011

125 - He Can Sleep Anywhere (and Anyway!), Kennel Edition

Black lab puppy Romero is sleeping upside down in his wire kennel. The kennel is up against the blue painted wall in the corner of my bedroom, next to a cylindrical brown laundry hamper and a wooden bookshelf. Romero has gotten himself into what appears to be the most uncomfortable position possible. He has pushed both his blankets up against the walls of the crate, and is lying flat on his back on the metal floor of the crate. His head is resting near a small metal bowl and a bone. His tail is sticking out the corner of the crate closest to the camera, and his back legs are resting against the bars of the crate. His front legs are tucked against his body like a kangaroo. Somehow, he finds this comfortable and is currently fast asleep.

1 comment:

  1. That is soo cute Sam! He can't get any more relaxed than that!:)