May 30, 2011

132 - New Friends

This picture is taken inside the Blue Jays shop at the Rogers Centre. The main focus of the picture is a large, probably 6 foot tall, statue of Ace, the Blue Jays Mascot. Ace is a Blue Jay who wears a white Jays jersey and blue and white running shoes. Black lab puppy Romero is lying down on Ace's right, and his friend Rafiki is sitting on Ace's left. Rafiki is a slightly younger black lab puppy with brindle markings. Both dogs are wearing their green future dog guide jackets. Behind the dogs and Ace are several tables and shelves covered in Blue Jays merchandise, and various racks of Jays shirts and jerseys.
Romero poses with friends "Ace" and Rafiki before the game

Our Seat: Section 524A, Row 4, Seat 106

Our Record: 5-3

Memorable Moments:
- Taking Romero's friend Rafiki to his first baseball game
- Red and white hats for Memorial Day (even though it isn't Memorial Day in Canada)
- Only one Blue Jay home run (Jayson Nix), but lots and lots of Blue Jay hits
- 11 batters batted in the bottom of the 4th inning (scoring 7 runs - most in one inning this season)

I knew going in that we'd see history - either Jojo Reyes would get his first win as a Blue Jay, or else he'd break the record for most consecutive starts without a win. Thankfully, it was the former! And a complete game for him at that! I have been a fan of Jojo since he joined the team, so it was great to be part of the crowd cheering for him and also to see his teammates congratulating him after the game.

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