May 19, 2011

121 - The Roof Is Open!

Black lab puppy Romero, wearing his Blue Jays collar and green Future Dog Guide jacket, is sitting in the second row of the upper deck at a Blue Jays game. Romero is looking back towards the camera, and behind him is a view of the Rogers centre with the roof open (also directly behind Romero is a fan with blue hair watching the game very intently). Our seats are on the first base side of home plate, so the picture looks over to the third baseline side of the stadium, including the Blue Jays dugout down below. The game is in progress, so you can see the umpire and the catcher's leg's near home plate (the catcher is partially blocked by the blue railing in front of our seats). The blue stadium seats appear less than half-full, with more fans in the lower levels than the 500 level. A few tall buildings can be seen beyond the open dome, though not the CN tower, which is on the opposite side from this photo.
Our Seat: Section 518, Row 2, Seat 3

Our Record: 3-2

Memorable Moments:
- Romero's first "outdoor" baseball game, and my first this year
- The third game in a row that we've attended with Tampa Bay as the opponent
- Watching Aaron 'Pingu' Hill converse with the umpires before and during the game ... I think Aaron wants to be an umpire when he grows up
- Juan Rivera's "I got it" hand motions to the pitcher whenever he was taking a ball to first base
- Wade Davis' rather hilarious move to check on baserunners - maybe they couldn't steal because they were laughing too hard?
- A win ... putting both Romero (the dog at least) and the Jays back over .500
- The great games from Ricky Romero and JP Arencibia made all the more special after reading THIS


  1. Ooh, how fun to see! We are taking our GDA puppy to his first Dodger game in July. I hope he likes it and has a positive experience. Following your blog now!

  2. Thank Alexis - hope you and your pup enjoy the game, let us know how it goes!

    Sam and Romero