May 25, 2011

127 - Boxes of Bottles

I will be conducting a bottle and penny drive in my neighbourhood this weekend for Romero's sponsorship (and am continuing to collect bottles and change throughout the year ... let me know if you have any to donate!). 
Black lab puppy Romero is posing in front of a pile of empty bottles which are waiting to be returned to the Beer Store. This picture is taken in the garage, where the cement floor is covered with streaks of paint. Romero is in the foreground, attached to a red leash and looking up into the camera. His silly left ear is sticking straight out to the side as usual. Behind him are two boxes containing 24 beer bottles, several smaller boxes of beer bottles, and about twelve loose wine bottles.
Here, Romero is posing with the bottles that we have collected so far ... this is what about $11 in returns looks like!

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