May 12, 2011

114 - Introducing The Halti

Black lab puppy Romero is sitting in our upstairs hallway, with an open white door behind him and the wooden bannister of our stairs on the right of the picture. The photo centres on Romero's head. He is wearing a halti - a head halter made of thin black fabric that circles around Romero's muzzle and clips together behind his head. A safety strap attaches to the halti under Romero's chip loops down and clips to Romero's blue and gray Blue Jays collar. Romero is looking directly into the camera with his big brown eyes. His mouth is slightly open in a half smile. This photo highlights the long black whiskers on his muzzle and chin. There is a small bead of water dripping from Romero's wet nose.
No, it's not a muzzle! The halti is a head collar, like a horse's halter. It's important for future dog guides like Romero to be comfortable with the halti on, as he may wear it when he is a working dog.

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