May 27, 2011

129 - Penny Drive Prep

Black lab Romero is lying on the floor of the bedroom next to a big white bucket with a lid and a handle. The lid has a round hole cut in the centre, and around that is written Pennies for Puppies. A large label on the front of the bucket says DONATIONS Thanks for your support! Below that is a panoramic picture of eight black and chocolate labrador puppies wearing brightly coloured bandanas. The bucket is also decorated with red heart stickers (the same ones that come with Heartguard medication). Romero is facing the camera and leaning slightly away from the bucket with his front legs stretched out in front of him. He is wearing his blue and gray Blue Jays collar. His sleepy brown eyes are partially hidden in shadows. His floppy velvet ears are hanging down on either side of his head.
We're nearly ready for our penny and bottle drive tomorrow ... here, Romero poses with our newly-decorated penny bucket.

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  1. Very best of luck for your penny drive!