May 8, 2011

110 - Comfy Cozy Kennel

Six month old black lab puppy Romero is lying in his large wire crate with the door open. The floor of the kennel is covered by a thin brown cushion. You can see that it's shedding season ... there's a cloud of black fur on the cream carpet around the crate. Romero is lying on the right side of the crate, with his long front legs stretching diagonally to the left front corner. You can see the fluffy end of his tail peeking out from behind his left shoulder. Romero is looking sweetly towards the camera, his head just slightly tilted and his left ear held out from his head. His thin whiskers curl around his muzzle. He is wearing his blue and grey Blue Jays collar. There is a large red Kong ball resting beside Romero's right elbow.

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