May 21, 2011

123 - Baseball With A Side Of Bagpipes

Black lab puppy Romero is intently watching a bagpiper playing outside the Rogers Centre. Romero is in the bottom left corner of the picture, wearing his Blue Jays collar, black leash, and green Future Dog Guide jacket. He is facing away from the camera, looking across a wide dirt path to the male piper, who is dressed in full scottish attire including a green jacket and kilt. On the right side of the photo there is a shadow of a photographer who is capturing a shot of Romero. Directly behind the bagpiper is a small white canopy tent set up as a first aid station, with a couple people sitting on chairs inside. Behind that, a big white bus is parked on the road that goes around the stadium. A few people are walking along the sidewalk in front of the road. Across the street is a larger white tent that is set up as a temporary theatre, and behind that four tall apartment buildings can be seen against the clear blue sky.
Our Seat: Section 525, Row 14, Seat 101

Our Record: 4-2

Memorable Moments:
- No guests today, just my pup and I enjoying an afternoon game
- Our first interleague game (it would be more exciting if the pitchers hit)
- A slow start for the Jays, but a come-from-behind win in the end
- 2 more homeruns from the major league HR leader Jose Bautista!
- And for good measure, another from Junel Escobar too
- Some post-game entertainment outside the park, including the bagpiper above

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